About Us

MAUI63 –
The Name

Why are we named MAUI63? It’s not just the name of the world’s rarest dolphin. It’s also an acronym for Marine Animal Unmanned Identification, and the 63 represents the count of Māui dolphins when we started. The name aligns with our goal – to support the growth of the Māui dolphin population – way beyond 63!

our team

our team ..

Currently we are a small team. But we’re growing and we’re keen to find people to help and support us.

founders Willy Wang, Rochelle Constantine and Tane van der Boon

Our operations lead Willy is a type 102 qualified drone enthusiast, registered M.D and is currently completing a PhD in medical science at the University of Auckland. Some of his other work includes biosensor development utilising AI to guide clinical decisions.


Rochelle is our research lead and marine science extraordinaire. She is an Associate Professor at the University of Auckland with over 25 years of research experience as programme lead on large international and New Zealand based whale and dolphin research projects, including Māui dolphins.


Tane is the project and technical lead. His background is in IT and innovation and has worked on similar projects that included using object recognition AI to keep staff safe from harm within the work environment. Tane is also a type 102 qualified drone pilot and has a passion for technology, nature & wildlife.